How sheetmasks helped save my sanity

I always have a million ideas running through my head everyday. I feel like sometimes life can become too much to handle all at one time. Everyday I battle the importance of putting myself and my happiness first before helping someone out. I discovered sheet masks were going to be my lifesaver. The moment I place one on my face, that becomes a moment in my day where I lay down and just relax. I’ll put on some Netflix, YouTube videos or just listen to music.

This became so theraputic to me because I knew I was benefiting my skin and my mind  at the same time. It is so important for us to do things in order to stay healthy. The moment I take off the mask, I feel like 100 bricks were taken off my shoulders because I reminded myself in that brief moment that I am important.

Skin care is something very new to me and I am still getting to know where I go right or wrong when it comes down to my skin care routine. One thing I always get right is picking out my sheet mask. I look at my face to notice what I want to treat and that is how I decide which one to use. This is the reason why I have such a large variety because our skin always changes.

Below I’ve listed a few sites for you to check out:


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