Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio


Hey guys,

So I purchased this palette months after its release. Honestly I only purchased it because it was half off on Hautelook. It is your typical warm neutral palette with a pop of blue. Has anyone else noticed the pop of blue trend? I sure did!

So the quality of the shadows are def there. The pigmentation is just right for anyone who is a newbie or an expert. I am no expert when it comes to eyeshadow but I am still learning. What I noticed was that you need an eyeshadow primer. I used it one day without a primer and by the end of my 8 hour shift, the shadow was completely off.

What I would have loved to have seen in this palette was more red tones and the shimmers to be more pops of color because with the shade selections in this palette, you get very similar looks. The blue was what really saved this palette for me. This will be my everyday go to palette because the formula is so good that I want to try out more palettes from Violet Voss.

Below I posted some photos of the looks I created during the week.





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