June 2018 Beauty Favorites

Hey ladies and gents,

I feel like not only did June go by so quickly but we are already reaching the 7th month of 2018. I feel like it was just yesterday when we were counting down to midnight to enter the New Year. Anywho, this post is going to be a bit lengthy because I fell in love with so many products.


I started this month by making a decision with my hair. I decided it is time to restore my curls. Back in 2014, I made a horrible decision in letting different people bleach my hair which caused it to have so much damage and breakage. I am finally restoring my natural curl patterns. The Cantu Moisturing Curl Activator has been great to use right after coming out of the shower and allowing my curls to maintain its curl throughout day, and I can really tell it works well because my hair stays bouncy even through the most humid days. The Cantu Comeback Curl spray has been a life saver for me because after I sleep I am always afraid of how my curls are going to be because I do not want to overwash my hair so this product helps with 2nd and 3rd day of not washing hair. The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Curl Styler Cream Pudding has also been a great product for my 2nd and 3rd day of not washing my hair because it has a very light texture so it won’t weigh down my hair. If I were to use the Cantu cream, my hair will be weighed down and become really greasy. The bonus to these products are that they smell like heaven on a tropical island. People will stop to ask you what is it that you are wearing when you use these.

IMG_E8560PEOPLE, SPF is so important for everyday throughout the year. It doesn’t matter what your complexion is or how much your skin can tolerate the sun because the sun can truly damage the cells in your skin. We have to rememeber that our skin is the largest organ we have and we must protect it. I have been using this sunscreen under my makeup and it hasn’t disrupted my base for my makeup or my overall makeup looks by the end of the day. My skin gets burned pretty easily and I am thrilled to tell you that I haven’t gotten burned at all. I have pretty dry skin and I don’t feel like it dries out my face nor does it make me extremely glowy so I believe it can work for many different skin types.


The have been my favorite primers for this month and I can see myself dipping into these three throughout this whole summer. I received the MAC Strobe Cream as a sample after I made a purchase at MAC and I fell in love with it after my first use. I use it in two different ways. The main way I use it is as a mixing medium for my foundations so they can have a more sheer coverage for the summer months. Or I use this all over my face when I don’t put on foundation just so I can look like a beautiful greasy chicken lol but not in a bad way. I have been using the Cover FX Blurring Primer to fill in my pores when it is EXTRA humid outside because it does have a silicone matte feeling that helps my makeup stay in place for a long period of time. The Touch in SOL, No Poreblem Primer fills in my pores very well also but I use this when my skin needs more hydration and it isn’t so humid outside. This doesn’t have the same silicone feeling like the Cover FX primer has.


The Violet Voss X Nicol Concillio Palette is def a palette I was surprised to have enjoyed. This was one that I purchased because I had serious FOMO out of no where when I saw Nordstrom Rack had it on sale for $25. What I love about this palette is that is has the perfect pigmentation so they are extremely easy to blend. I think this is a perfect every day palette for the working person and then if you want to hit up happy hour after work, you can throw in that beautiful blue shade or smoke it out with the black shade. These eyeshadows only last on me when I wear it with an eyeshadow primer. I found it to fade away after a couple hours when I don’t wear one and it makes the shadows look extremely muddy.

IMG_E8575 This has been my go to night time summer palette. Huda knew what she was doing when creating this palette. This gives so much inspiration to me and ideas to step out of the brown eyeshadow world. I can create looks just using this palette or I’ll use this with another palette such as the Nicol Concillio palette to spice up my looks. Whenever I use any of these shades, I am always getting complimented on my makeup by my friends and by strangers. My own boyfriend who doesn’t even pay attention to my different makeup looks says he loves the way my eyeshadow looks. If you want to step out of the brown world of eyeshadow, this is a great rainbow palette to start with because the quality is there and they aren’t scary colors to try out. I think they are beautifully pigmented for all different skin tones.


So the first photo has been my favorite bronzer so far since the summer has started. It gives me a sheen and makes me look EXTRA glowy. I have a neutral undertone and I lean fair to light so this is great because it doesn’t make a muddy messy no matter how much I put on. The highlighter in the middle has a pink tone to it but it looks so beautiful. I love the way it looks during the day time and the sun is hitting my face. I think ELF did a great job formulating this because it doesn’t have chunky glitters. I don’t find it to emphasize texture on the skin and it lasts all day. The mirror in the compact is a def a bones. The third product is from one of my favorite brands which is the Saharan Blush palette. These are affordable blushes that have beautiful pigmentation and they last throughout the day. I was nervous it was going to be too deep for my complexion but with the right blush brush and technique, it comes out so beautiful.

The Too Faced Born This Way foundation has been a holy grail of mine since the summer of 2016. I finished my first bottle and took time before I repurchased a new one because I have so much foundation but OMG I fell in love with it again. If all foundations disappeared in this world and I had to choose one to bring back, this is the one I would want. It leaves my skin looking flawless and you can’t tell I even have foundation on. I believe anyone who wants a natural medium to  full coverage foundation should check this one out. The Catrice concealer has a great formula for when I want a no makeup, makeup look. I wish I could tell everyone to buy this but unfortunately I can’t because the shade range is HORRIBLE. This is why I hate that I love it so much because it only works for 3 shades of people and that is ridiculous. Catrice needs to step it up because they have a beautiful formula that needs to cater to more people. The Becca Hydra-Mist Powder is every dry skin person savior. When you set your face with this you’ll feel a cooling sensation as if the powder is melting into your skin. I love the formula on this because my skin never looks extremely dry. This is great for me when it isn’t so humid outside. The Milani Setting Spray is my high end look in a drug store price range product lol. This spray has one of the best nozzles in the drug store AND it really prolongs the wear of your makeup. What I love about this spray is that when I think that I look too powdery, this is my absolute life saver. I love the smell of the spray and the formula is great. This does contain alcohol so I don’t like to wear it everyday. This is just my perfect spray for when I have somewhere special to be.


I am not picky with lip products what so ever. I just make sure my lips are extra hydrated and I apply anything I find to be beautiful. The Mac x Patrick Starrr bullet lipstick in the shade ” Mama Starr” is such a beautiful pinky nude lipstick and I actually have a back up of it because I don’t want to be without her after she sells out. Currently it is on sale on Mac for $11 if you want to check it out. The Fenty Gloss Bomb was the gloss that got me to fall back in love with gloss. I love when I look extra glowy and glossy during the summer because it makes my skin look so much healthier.


The ELF nude eyeliner pencil is just an afforable option I didn’t think I would enjoy because I am not a liner type of gal but this seals my eye looks because it allows my eyes to look more open. So since I don’t wear liner every single day this works out perfectly for my pockets. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is actually new to me. I got on this bandwagon wayyyyyy after it was initially released. I love the wand on it and its perfect for my lashes. I don’t really ever apply falsies and whenever I use this mascara, people are always asking if I am.

The Brazilian Bum Bum cream is incredible. I don’t really put on perfume during the summer months for some reason. However, I am always applying body butters and lotions on. This is one that I put on and the scent actually sticks on me for hours. It does give the skin a beautiful luminous look to it as well. The Tea Tree Oil has been a life savor for me because I have pretty sensitive skin when it comes down to doing my eyebrows. No matter if I pluck them, wax them, or thread them, I will have a bad break out afterwards. After I do my brows I love to cleanse my skin and then go straight to toning and then I only apply this oil in the area I just got threaded. I noticed the flare ups actually greatly reduced after using it.


I know this blog post is extremely long but I really wanted to talk about all of my favs. My monthly favs are most likely going to be my longest posts. I hope you enjoyed it.

Down below I have listed links to all the products I listed.


Happy Sunday

XOXO, Jasmin























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