Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palettes for Beginners

Juvia’s Place has become one of my favorite brands for eyeshadows. I have come to love them because as an eyeshadow beginner, I find their formula to be amazing. I do own the majority of their palettes. The only two I don’t have are the Warrior Palette and Afrique Palette. Maybe in the future I will pick them up but for now I will speak on what I own now. This is going to be all about why and how each palette I own is perfect for any beginner. In my upcoming blogs, I will show ways I was inspired by each palettes color story.


This palette is an everyday neutral brown palette. This is a great palette for beginners who wants to test out the formula of the brand. Although, I believe the formula in the other palettes are even better than this one. This is great because it is appropriate for any work place or for going to school. The mattes blend itself and the shimmers have a beautiful pop. Beginners will benefit from this palette because you can practice your techniques with it.



This is another warm toned neutral palette that is great for everyday BUT this is a beautiful palette that gives you the option to spice up your look by using that beautiful blue, gold or green shades. This is a palette perfect to go soft for day time looks and fierce for night time looks. This palette is the beginning to the beautiful Juvia’s Place formula I am truly in love with. This is the palette that you will become addicted to stepping out of your brown tones safe space and play with beautiful colors.



This palette is for the neutral gal that wants to get to know her colors. This palette has great pops of color that are fun and aren’t intimidating. The shimmers in this palette are the best. There are two mattes that have sparks of glitter in it which may seem intimidating but as soon as you tap the excess product, the glitters come off the brush.



When looking at this palette, you dont really become inspired right away. This palette take creativity which will benefit beginners become you start to think outside the box in order to come up with ideas for beautiful looks. This palette can truly take anyone out of their comfort zones and make some badass full glam looks.


The Saharan 2 Palette

This is the easiest palette out of all of the Juvia’s Place palettes. What I mean by this is that it has 3 matte shades that everyone will be comfortable using and beautiful shimmers to add the pops you are looking for. I truly believe this can become anyone’s everyday palette or anyone’s night out palette.


The Magic Palette


This is the perfect palette for those who want to add more shimmers into their collection because they have been living in such a matte world. This palette can go from a soft look to a full dramatic eye look. It is perfect for beginners because it has beautiful matte shades in here with every better shimmers to complete any look. 



DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT become intimidated by this palette. This is everything anyone just getting into color will need. This is because it is a 9 pan palette that you can make more neutral looks or beautiful colorful and bright looks. The pigmentation on these are bright and blend themselves. This is the beauty of Juvia’s Place.



This is a beautiful soft glam palette. This is perfect for those who want a soft princess vibe look. It is perfect for beginners because it isn’t scary to use once on the eye. The colors are soft enough to build up gradually but don’t under estimate the type of punch it’ll pack. Anyone using this can create really pretty looks and can easily become inspired.


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