Juvia’s Place: The Festival

Hey beauty lovers,

The Festival Palette wasn’t a palette that my eyes first fell in love with. When I look at palettes, I want to feel inspired to create looks. I also want cohesive palettes where I am able to create different looks using any random color combonation in the palette. I saw this baby as a confusing palette but once I started placing the shades, I honestly had no issues. This is one of my favorites out of my whole Juvia’s Place collection and I have fallen with the color story. I create different looks all the time to the point I can’t believe they were all made with the same palette and only hase NINE shades.

Each shade has been beautifully formulated and I don’t have an issue with any of them. There is minimal fallout so if you’re someone who enjoys putting their base makeup down first, you shouldn’t worry about your undereye area getting messy.

I enjoy using these shadows by having an eyeshadow primer down because it helps create a barrier between my skin and the shadows. Since Juvia’s Place shadows typically stain your lids, it helps with the issue of staining. Of course it comes off after cleansing your face, it helps with the removal at the end of the day.

If this is an intimidating palette for you, here are four looks I created using this unique color story. This is simply for inspiration. I created them all in the same day so I dont have a full face of makeup lol.





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