Favorite Mixes of Foundations

Hey beauty lovers,

I feel like I have only spoken about eyeshadows. But what about the base to my looks? I have quite  the collection of foundation I keep in rotation. My skin type is dry so I love to find glowy foundations but I can never find full coverage, glowy foundations. I am a mixer for sure. A lot of my foundations I’ve never even wore on its own before because I just mix concotions lol. I do love a fresh and light coverage look but when I want to be full glam, I need to compromise a bit.

Here are some of my fave combos:


The No7 Life & Luminate Foundation has been my lifesaver because it makes any dry foundation become magical. I love using it as a mixing medium. The It Cosmetics CC+ Cream is very dry on me which I found weird because so many people on YouTube have suggested to use it if you have a dry skin type. The CC+ has amazing coverage and does make your skin look flawless. I just need the No7 foundation to add moisture back into my base.



xKOw7LZHQEWbplUzRqYwGQThis is my FAVORITE combonation I have placed together. The Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done is a holy grail of mine. I absolutely love the formula on it. The only downfall for this foundation line is that the undertones don’t match mine. This shade works for me but the undertone is too warm so I use the No7 foundation to help balance it out because it is cool. I love myself a perfect neutral light foundation. This combo works for me all year round which is perfect. I remember using this on my anniversary and my boyfriend said it was the best I even did my makeup.
gFJ1sKF6TSGhtlfZEu23sgIf anyone has ever tried the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir then you would know that it is an extremly glowy foundation. It does match me perfectly when I first apply but it has an extreme oxidizing issue where it becomes darker than what I really am. I used to always mix it with my No7 foundation as well but then covergirl came out with their Trueblen Matte Made foundation and there’s just something about this combo that makes the mix magical. I love the way it blends into my skin and keeps me looking like I was born with flawless skin. Hands down an amazing mix.

9RHavijtTq6NQU8ZcKrn%gI can wear my Pro-Glow on its own and it’ll work for me all day. However, in the summer it does tend to slip and slide around so I needed to mix in a little bit of a matte formula. So why not mix her with her sister right? I hate the Pro-Matte on its own so I get so much more usage out of it when I do mix it with Pro-Glow. I love this combo because it gives me a nice satin finish where my skin is still able to breathe. This is my go to summer combo and I always get complimented saying how nice my makeup looks.



Whenever you have a foundation and you are just not that into the shade or formula, find out a way to make it work. If you can’t return the foundation or find a person to pass it on to, there is no reason to waste your money. When it comes down to makeup it is all about trial and error. It is so easy to manipulate formulas to make it work for you. I also love sheering out foundations with moisturizers or I mix an illumizer to change the undertones. It is so much fun to find ways to get your money’s worth out of your foundation collection.

Down below I will link all the foundations for you to check out:








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