Juvia’s Place Saharan II Palette

Hey Beauty Lovers,

The Saharan II palette is the one palette from Juvia’s Place where I do not feel stuck becuase I become inspired right away. The three mattes on the bottom are perfect for buling up in the crease and the simmers easily go with any choice you make for the crease.

This is a great on the go palette for everyday use. This is perfect for work, school, day time, night time, or date night looks. I have used this palette for many ocassions and it has never failed me. The shimmers in this palette does have more fallout than other palettes by Juvia’s so I found doing my eyeshadow first before my base makeup is the best way to go. I loveeeeee this palette.

This palette is for any eyeshadow lover who wants to stay neutral but wants to spice it up a little also. You’ll have people thinking that you keep it safe and then BAM you just added that pop of blue. This is def a palette I recommend to get if you haven’t tried any Juvia’s Place palettes and you are first getting into more colorful looks because it is an easy way to dip your toes and get them wet. Come join us color lovers hahahaha.

Here are three looks I have created and I am telling you there are so many more looks that can be created. I hope this inspires you.


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