Juvia’s Place Zulu Palette

Hey Beauty Lovers,

Today will be all about the Zulu Palette. This is a simple 9 pan rainbow palette that is really easy to use. The formula is perfectly made where the shadows are easy to blend out. I have tried bright and vibrant colors from other palettes and they were so pigmented that it took a lot of time to blend out.

I love the Zulu palette for what it is. Its a colorful palette that screams at you to step out of your comfort zone. Although I can use use this palette on its own, I love to use it as a campanion palette for others that need spicing up. So with that being said, I don’t use this palette as much as all my others from Juvia’s Place but it doesnt mean I like it the least. My favorite types of rainbow palettes are the ones with 12 or more pans.

My favorite shade is the teal color and the shimmery green. I feel like those work the best. The purple shade does need time to build up for it to be bright and vibrant. The best way to use the mattes in this palette is by not setting your eyeshadow palette because it allows you to have a sticky base for the pigment to stick to. The three shimmers in the palette are very pigmented and I never need to wet my brush for them to be bright. If I want them to really show, I like to place them to my lid with my finger but if I want to tone it down, I like to use a brush.

Down below I have some photos to inspire you with this color story.

Enjoy 🙂





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